Seiko Green Monster


Another Limited-Edition Monster was released (again) at the beginning of 2010. Seiko did a pretty good marketing job on this one by releasing preview pictures of the new Monster on a magazine around December last year. Monster fans in Thailand went to many Authorized Dealers for reservation like crazy. The Green Monster was officially released around the end of January 2010. Most of the total of 1,881 pieces were sold out in only a couple of days. The price has now gone up from the listed around 550 to 9XX USD on eBay.
What’re the differences between this one and the regular Monster? First of all, the movement is still 7S which actually disappoints me so much Photobucket. I was hoping that Seiko would release this one on a medium-grade movement similar to 6R or something. A 550USD watch that is not hackable and can’t be manually wound?!? Anyway, the main difference would be the polished bezel with the green marker. The case back has the new polished wave sign with the unique number. The glass is sapphire and has a magnifier similar to the previous limited series.
I’d been wearing this new Monster with the standard bracelet for about a week but surprisingly, no one noticed or mentioned anything. I decided to change the bracelet over the weekend to a new brown strap and now people keep talking to me about how nice my new watch is Photobucket.


Year:       2010
Reference:  SKZ277K1
Movement:   Automatic 7S36
Case:       Stainless Steel
Glass:      Sapphire Crystal with Day/Date Magnifier
Crown:      Screw Down Crown
Water Rst:  200m
Lst Price:  18,880 Baht (~USD550)
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